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The Shanna May Company is an organisation that includes Film Production, Fine Art, Online Media, Photography, Merchandising, Marketing Services and CGI VFX. Its Subsidiaries include Aesthetics Studios, Aesthetics Motion Pictures, Shanna May, Shanna May Shop, The Artful Studios, GeeksLifeStyle & ShannaMayTV.  

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The Shanna May Company launched 8 years ago to showcase artwork created by artist Shanna May. Over time it has expanded into a hub for Art, Film, YouTube, Photography, Social Media, articles on creative work and the industry, Comics, Travel, Fashion, Fitness and more. Many different public figures are often highlighted in articles as well as work created by Shanna.


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Shanna May launched in 2011 to meet the demand for commission artwork as The Artful Studios gained popularity on YouTube. As well as commissions, it includes prints, crafts, merchandise and clothing.

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Shanna created her first public YouTube channel in 2010 dedicated to time-lapse art videos and vlogs. Since then her work has expanded into short films, VFX, Geek Culture, Travel videos and documentaries.

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Aesthetics Pictures (known professionally as "Aesthetics Motion Pictures" and also simply referred to as "Aesthetics") is a British Independent film studio owned by Shanna May Co. Aesthetics Motion Pictures was created in 2016 by Shanna May to distribute independent films and documentaries.

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Aesthetics Motion Pictures

Aesthetics Studios which launched in 2015 is a creative hub for Design, Film, Photography, VFX & Marketing. A source for all your creative needs.


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Aesthetics Studios